Who can become a member of the Ojai Women’s Fund?
Every woman of the Ojai Valley is warmly welcome to join. We want our membership to reflect the beauty and diversity of our community.

What does it take to join?
A $100 minimum annual contribution.  Grant votes require $1,000.  Members may choose to donate the full amount for an individual vote, or make the minimum $100 contribution and join with others to create a $1,000 group contribution.

If a woman gives $5,000 does it mean that she gets five votes?
No, each member or group casts a single vote.  While there is a $100 individual/ $1,000 group contribution minimum, there is no contribution maximum.

How can I join?

  • Click here to make a secure online payment.  
  • By check: please make payable to the Ojai Women’s Fund and mail toOjai Women’s Fund, PO Box 310, Ojai, CA 93024.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, all donations to the Ojai Women’s Fund are tax deductible. We will gratefully acknowledge your donation with a letter that contains appropriate tax information.

I would like to be a part of a group but I need help finding or forming a group.
We are happy to help you connect with others. Please call us at (805)746-3096, or send an email to info@ojaiwomensfund.org.

Once I become a member am I always a member?
Memberships are good for one year. Your annual contribution of $100 or more will ensure that your membership continues. The funds we collect each year are awarded in grants the same calendar year to meet critical needs in the Ojai Valley. 

How is my donation put to use?
Each year the Ojai Women's Fund Research Committee undertakes a rigorous process to vet grant applications from local 501(c)3 nonprofits that address arts, education, environment, health and social services needs.  The committee will then prepare a ballot and present to members in the fall to vote for programs they would like to see funded.  Grants are awarded based on a simple majority of members' votes.  Each membership (group or individual) receives one vote.

What is the relationship between the OWF and the Santa Barbara Foundation?
The Santa Barbara Foundation serves as the fiscal home of the Ojai Women’s Fund, handling all financial transactions. The Ojai Women’s Fund is the sole decision-maker for all issues regarding our organization. 

How do I recommend an organization to receive a grant?
Please share your recommendation by calling (805) 746-3096, or sending an email to info@ojaiwomensfund.org.  A research committee member will respond to you.

Why shouldn’t I just give directly to my favorite non-profit?
When you give directly to favorite charities you may indeed have more control over where your money goes.  But, evidence shows that most women who participate in pooled funds ALSO give to charities of special interest.  Here are some reasons:

  • Members of a pooled fund recognize that by combining donations with others, their giving is leveraged into larger amounts that can have a much greater impact in the community.
  • Because of the thorough research process and careful money monitoring, Women’s Funds can find and fund deserving smaller or newer organizations that an individual might not have time or resources to fully investigate.
  • While Women's Funds don’t usually have mandatory meetings and events, members enjoy the camaraderie of doing good works together; "group" members love getting together to decide their annual votes; and all members really look forward to attending the annual Presentation of Grants Event.

I would like to become more involved with the Ojai Women’s Fund.  How do I volunteer?
Email us at info@ojaiwomensfund.org and tell us how you would like to help.  A member of the Steering Committee will get back to you asap. Click here to read about our volunteer opportunities.

I love what the Ojai Women’s Fund is doing and would like to help spread the word by hosting an event at my home (or other location).  Whom should I contact? 
Please email info@ojaiwomensfund.org or call the Ojai Women’s Fund at (805) 746-3096.