How to Form a Group

The Ojai Women’s Fund encourages its Members to form a Donor Group or “Group”. Becoming a Group member is a great way to be involved with OWF. In fact, many Members combine their donations together to join the fund in this way!

  • To form a group, reach out to friends, coworkers, or others who you would like to invite to form your group.
  • Identify a group leader and a group name (very important for tracking groups and contacting leaders). Once the group is formed, decide how to divide the $1,000 membership among members. The only criterion is that each member pays a minimum of $100. Groups from 2 to 10 members are all welcome to join the Fund!
  • Once a Group is formed, each group must have a Group LeaderThe Group Leader provides a single point-of-contact for all communications between the Group and the Ojai Women’s Fund and helps keep the Group organized and informed of key OWF activities.
  • And yes, you can be a member of more than one group! You must contribute a minimum of $100 for each group you would like to join.