OWF Group: Three Generations of O'Connor Women

There are many ways to form a donor group: with friends, co-workers and family. Do you have sisters, a mother, a daughter who would like to join you as a donor? Think of the fun you'll have filling out the ballot together!

Three generations of O'Connor women

Three generations of O'Connor women

Mary Jo O'Connor, age 85, said she donated when her daughter, Mary Ann, proposed it. "I thought it was for a good cause. I've certainly enjoyed the services for seniors in Ojai. I feel everybody who can, should help. We must help people in need."

Mary Ann, age 60, is a donor and a member of the Ojai Women's Fund Grants Committee. "I believe in the power of women's philanthropy," she said. "I learned gratitude and generosity from my mother, and I have tried to convey that learning to my daughters."

All three of Mary Ann's daughters - Clare, age 32; Helen, age 30; and Alice, age 26 - have joined in supporting the OWF. Helen said, "I like that we get a say about where the dollars are going." Alice said, "The Ojai Valley is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I loved living there, and now I love visiting. It's important that the spirit of the place matches the physical beauty. We have to send out love in the Ojai Valley. We have to meet the critical needs." 

To find out more about forming a family donor group, contact Sandi White.