The Publishing World’s Loss was Our Gain...

Profile of OWF Co-chair Marquita Flemming

There is something magical about the Ojai Valley and its pink sunsets. In 2018, Expedia named Ojai one of the four best small artistic towns in the United States. This is not a shock to anyone who lives in here, however. What you may not realize is that there is something else happening in Ojai that is also quite magical and special… It’s the Ojai Women’s Fund, and the individual women it brings together to be a collective force for good through giving circles and through committee work.

Marquita Flemming

Marquita Flemming

Sitting down for a conversation with Co-chair Marquita Flemming, she suggests that part of the magic behind OWF is “karass” – that rarefied space when “people in your life cross paths and feel like they are in the same space somehow… in your world”. Kurt Vonnegut coined the term for his book Cat’s Cradle when trying to describe the inexplicable connection between some people: “Man created the checkerboard; God created the karass.”

Coming from a long career in publishing, it should not be surprising that Marquita would draw from literature when describing her experience with OWF – she worked for about 30 years as an acquisitions editor for academic text publishers such as John Wiley and Sons and Sage Publications. True to form, Marquita barely took a beat before she jumped both feet into volunteering with OWF after retiring in January 2016.

From the first meeting in January 2016 at the Ojai Women’s Club, Marquita recognized that something special was happening. She was surprised to see almost 150 women in the room… it was completely beyond anyone’s expectations. Marquita likens it to the energy at the 2016 Women’s March in Los Angeles, with people coming together for a common purpose, and having a “sense of power and camaraderie.” It was “just a special moment.”

Marquita recognized a few of the women who attended, but not many of them. Up until this time, she had been working full time in publishing, busy with deadlines and business travel. As she describes it, she was living in Ojai, but 99% of her brain capacity had to be focused outside the Valley with her New York-based job. She was also busy with her two children and building sets for Nordhoff High School theater productions along with her husband, John. The OWF meeting, she realized, gave her the opportunity to reconnect with the local community and the women within it.

This is another thing that makes OWF special. It is being built by women who understand how busy everyone is and that people may be at different stages of their lives. It’s a group that makes space for everyone. There are the members who may have the bandwidth to come to one meeting a year to discuss and vote on grant finalists, and other members who want to get involved on more regular basis with a committee.

During our conversation, Marquita kindly shared some suggestions for anyone who is wanting to join or get more involved with OWF:

If you don’t know enough people for a giving circle, ask for help finding members
The OWF Membership co-chairs can help. “This is important. If you don’t have a group, don’t feel like you can’t join. It is fine to stay an individual voter, but if you would like to come and join a group, we can help you find one.”

Marquita speaks from experience. She had another “a-ha” moment when she was the leader of a group that was jokingly called The Leftovers - people who wanted to join OWF, didn’t have groups, and didn’t want to lead a group. Marquita explained that it “was interesting to watch the whole [group] process unfold, everyone listening to each other. It was a wonderful experience, really wonderful. This thing really works. Women listening to other women, respectfully. Saying things like that is a good idea. No posturing or scoring points off of each other. None of that.” It was “lovely and outstanding.” The best part? That group that came together by chance three years ago… is still together today.

Think about what interests you, and then pick that
“It is important to do what it is you really like to do. In addition to picking a group that interests you, you want to really think about what you want to do for them. For some people the choice is to do the one-time meeting a year and that is a great thing.” This is how Marquita started got involved on the OWF Grants Committee in 2016. She enjoyed intellectual challenges and the work of the Grants Committee to look at numbers, demographics, and evaluate applications is what spoke to her the most… and became something she deeply enjoys. Marquita happily refers to it as her “nerdy” part.

Take advantage of the community of truly talented women in OWF, and look to them for collaboration
The bonds of OWF tend to spill into additional areas of members’ lives and deep friendships have been forged over the years. As Marquita reflects, “There is always someone you can bounce things off of. There are real partners there. There is a sense of always being able to pick up the phone and call someone.”

OWF… One part karass and many parts extraordinary women like Marquita that make it something very special.

-Michelle Sherman
OWF Member and Communications Committee Volunteer

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