Group Leaders

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We sincerely appreciate our Group Members who also serve as a Group Leader. The Group Leader serves as a single point-of-contact for all communications between her Group and the Ojai Women’s Fund, and helps keep the Group organized and informed of key OWF activities.

Key responsibilities for our Group Leaders include:

  • Completes the “Group Member Form” (see below) that includes the name of the Group, all member’s names, email addresses and other contact information and submits it to the Membership Committee (when joining).
  • Recruits new members into the Group if needed to bring Group’s collective donation total to $1,000 (before early September).
  • Reminds group members to include the Group Name when submitting their donation whether using the online form or using the downloaded form and submitting payment through the mail.
  • Ensures group members’ donations are received by the OWF on or before the due date (early September).
  • Hosts a Group member meeting to discuss and vote on the proposed grant recipients presented to members by the Grants Committee (early-mid October).
  • Encourages members to attend OWF events, including our Education events and Awards Celebration (early December).
  • Reestablishes her giving group annually, encouraging group members to be involved year after year.
  • Most of all, has fun with the group and considers finding ways to bring the group together beyond once or twice a year.

Group Member Form

  • Group Leaders: Please download and complete the Group Member Form to list the names, contact information and other key information of your group members and submit it along with your group's donation to: P.O. Box 310, Ojai, CA 93024 (you can also make the donation online).
  • Please note that receipts and tax-deduction correspondence can only be provided to the person making the group donation. Each group member can also individually submit their portion of the group donation by mailing in a check or donating online.