How Membership Works

Thank you for your interest in the Ojai Women's Fund! Becoming a member is easy with just two responsibilities: making your donation and to voting on how the funds are distributed! 

Click the button below to become a member, renew your membership, or to make a donation to the Ojai Women's Fund.


  • To join the fund, women can become Individual Members, or they can join with other women to Form a Donor Group or “Group”.

  • The minimum contribution for each individual in a group is $100. Women in the same group can decide to give different amounts, but each individual's minimum contribution is $100.

  • The total amount of an annual OWF membership is $1,000. This membership fee can be paid by an individual, or paid by adding together the combined donations of members of a group.


  • Ojai Women’s Fund grants will help nonprofits meet critical needs, spur new projects and foster innovation.

  • Members will become better informed about community issues.

  • Opportunities for collaboration on community projects may be identified.

  • Improved information will enable members in making better personal giving decisions.

  • Participation in the Ojai Women’s Fund will provide opportunities to develop leadership skills.

  • Ojai Women’s Fund members will serve as philanthropic role models to others.

  • Relationships among women from different backgrounds will evolve based on a shared passion to improve the community.

Fund Management

  • All donations are tax deductible.

  • Dollars donated to the Ojai Women’s Fund will be distributed in the same calendar year in which they are received.

  • For the first year, funding for administrative costs will be donated. In future years a small annual contribution to cover administrative costs could be requested from the membership.

  • The Santa Barbara Foundation serves as the fiscal home of the Ojai Women’s Fund, handling all financial transactions. The Ojai Women’s Fund is the sole decision maker for all issues regarding the organization. GIVE NOW.